All engineering services provided to our valued customers in designing, building, testing and commissioning is done in-house by qualified staff by the Don Johns Engineering department, headed by a state-licensed Professional Engineer.

Engineering services - whether generating P&ID drawings, CAD Electrical & Field Wiring diagrams, PLC & HMI programming, custom control panel building, system start-up services, and more - offer you a complete solution to your needs.

For any higher-level Control System that is provided by Don Johns Engineering, the customer can expect high quality of information documentation and services, including: 

  • Functional Description Document, detailing the scope of work and a description of the way the system is to function
  • CAD Drawings, including electrical schematics and field wiring diagrams
  • Fully-Documented PLC Code, with tag descriptions and detailed rung comments to explain the logic to any programmer who views it
  • Easy-to-Understand Operator Display Screens (HMI) to give access to users to monitor and control the process. Descriptive alarms to assist trouble-shooting.
  • Simulation PLC Logic, to be able to complete a functional test before shipping fully-tested system to site
  • Start-Up Services (after installation and wiring is completed by customer) to ensure a successful deployment of the system. This also includes training of plant personnel. 

Don Johns Engineering provides you a complete solution to your needs... a solution aimed to meet and exceed Customer's expectations!