Automation & Engineering

Automating portions of a system’s function can be very beneficial by providing cost-saving opportunities, enhanced operational safety and optimized performance with accuracy and repeatability. With a range of automation solutions available for valves, pumps, and other industrial equipment, Don Johns can help you choose the right automation equipment for your needs. We distribute many types of actuators – electric, pneumatic, modulating, AC, DC, single-phase AC, three-phase AC, indoor, outdoor, hazardous areas – and many other types of Primary and Final Controls elements such as proximity sensors, temperature sensors, level sensors and pressure sensors. We also provide on-site repairs and immediate shipping for many parts.

Automation equipment offers a plethora of possibilities with features and options customized for your specific needs; these can be used easily to control and monitor every aspect of your system. For example, we offer actuator controllers, some of which can even “learn while they run,” making configuring your system extremely easy. With options to help increase motor life in your actuators, these controllers are useful in a variety of industries and for a variety of applications. In addition, they offer a variety of signals indicating errors, failure notices, and load information, helping to make sure your system is always operational and optimized.

Regardless of your industry or purpose, Don Johns offers the right products for you. Our clients include commercial and industrial businesses, even home brewers! Contact our expert team today for help with selecting the perfect solution for your system.


All engineering services provided to our valued customers in designing, building, testing and commissioning is done in-house by qualified staff by the Don Johns Engineering department, headed by a state-licensed Professional Engineer.

Engineering services – whether generating P&ID drawings, CAD Electrical & Field Wiring diagrams, PLC & HMI programming, custom control panel building, system start-up services, and more – offer you a complete solution to your needs.

For any higher-level Control System that is provided by Don Johns Engineering, the customer can expect high quality of information documentation and services, including:

  • Functional Description Document, detailing the scope of work and a description of the way the system is to function
  • CAD Drawings, including electrical schematics and field wiring diagrams
  • Fully-Documented PLC Code, with tag descriptions and detailed rung comments to explain the logic to any programmer who views it
  • Easy-to-Understand Operator Display Screens (HMI) to give access to users to monitor and control the process. Descriptive alarms to assist trouble-shooting.
  • Simulation PLC Logic, to be able to complete a functional test before shipping fully-tested system to site
  • Start-Up Services (after installation and wiring is completed by customer) to ensure a successful deployment of the system. This also includes training of plant personnel.

Don Johns Engineering provides you a complete solution to your needs… a solution aimed to meet and exceed Customer’s expectations!