Burks pumps cater to the pump needs of homeowners, contractors and engineers alike. The Burks brand of pumps are a professional grade product capable of various configurations and requirements, including the custom capabilities demanded by OEMs. The Burks product line includes end suction, general purpose, condensate return, centrifugal pumps and regenerative turbine pumps in close-coupled designs to assist with any liquid handling phase. Burks pumps are a factory tested, heavy duty product constructed out of cast iron and bronze for high efficiency and a long-lasting lifetime. As part of the Crane Co., Burks, along with the brands of Barnes, Crown, Deming, Prosser and Weinman, represent a versatile group of manufacturers and engineered industrial products. When you’re looking for a low-maintenance pump at a fair price to meet your fluid handling needs, look no further than Burks for top- of- the-line reliability and durability.