Level Control Systems

Don Johns provides customers solutions to their Level Control applications. The Control System can be as simple as a stand-alone Swimming Pool Level Control Probe and Relay, – OR – as elaborate as a high-temperature Radar Level Sensor, integrated into a plant-wide PLC/SCADA system.

  • Storage Tank Level Monitoring with Krohne Radar Sensor
  • Mixing Tank Level Control with Emerson/SAAB Radar Sensor
  • Holding Tank Level Control with Burkert Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Fuel Tank Level Wireless Monitoring with Burkert Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Granulate Silo Filling and Emptying with Carlo Gavazzi Capacitive Proximity Sensor
  • Min/Max Control using Carlo Gavazzi Capacitive Dual Proximity Sensors
  • Horizontal Cylindrical Tank Level Monitoring with Systematic Pressure Transmitter