Max-Air Pneumatic

MT Series

Introducing the MT Series rack & pinion actuators – a cutting-edge solution for your industrial needs. This compact and efficient actuator boasts a sleek body design with ample options for seamless valve integration and customizability. It offers reliable performance, backed by an industry-leading unlimited cycle life warranty. With NAMUR mounting for accessories and a patented ±10° adjustment for both open and closed positions, the MT series is setting the standard for innovation in the field.

  • Temperature Range: -4 F (-20 C) to 176 F (80 C)
  • Operating Pressure: 40 PSI (3 BAR) to 120 PSI (8 BAR)
  • Rotation: 90 Degrees
  • Torque Range: Up to 47,250 inch pounds
  • Anti-blowout bi-directional pinion retention
  • Patented dual travel stop design