Application Bulletin – Don Johns Water Tempering and Batching System

Equipment Overview

Besides the Control Panel, the skid-based system consists of two sets of control equipment and metering equipment to provide redundancy for the system – each set consists of a Neptune Red Seal meter with pulser, a mixing chamber and 3 Burkert control valves, one each for the incoming Hot Water, City Water and Chilled Water supplies. In addition, on the skid there is an RTD (temperature sensor) to measure incoming City Water and an RTD for the outgoing batch (mixed) water.

Functional Overview

Water tempering & batch system

The DJE system PLC communicates with an existing Batching Line Main PLC. Setpoints for batch size and temperature can be set locally at the DJE Skid or can be set remotely by the existing PLC; similarly, the batch can be initiated locally or remotely. The DJE system meters the correct amount of mixed water to the destination tank. Using PID control loops, the system also controls the flow of the appropriate water supply lines in order to mix them inline so that the preset temperature of the batch is achieved. The system provides real-time batch and temperature status back to the existing PLC.

The HMI touchscreen on the DJE system provides local monitoring of the batching process and provides clearly annunciated alarms as they occur to help with any troubleshooting or reporting.

Resolution Summary

This system eliminated batch loss for the customer significantly. When making bread, if the water was too hot or too cold (or over-delivered or under-delivered), the active yeast was reacting too much, not enough, too early or too late. This was causing significant product loss and then extrapolated Down Time issues thereafter.

If your company has similar (or other) issues of control and reliability that you would like resolved, then contact Don Johns Company. Our Sales and Engineering team would be happy to discuss and provide a system customized for your needs and designed to meet & exceed your expectations!