Don John Solutions: Portable Air-Operated Pump Cart

At Don Johns, we take pride in being creative problem solvers for your unique applications. With our extensive experience, we have tackled numerous challenges to ensure our customers achieve the results they desire. Today, we’d like to showcase a specific project we undertook for a client seeking a custom solution and share the resolution we provided. Let’s delve into the details and explore how we crafted the solution they needed!

The Project

A local cosmetic manufacturer approached us with a challenge they had encountered in efficiently and cost-effectively transferring a range of chemicals and fluids for their manicure and pedicure products. They sought a solution that would streamline the fluid transfer process with minimal equipment, focusing on the need for the right tools to handle these liquids seamlessly.

The Solution

We introduced our solution to them, which took the form of a portable air-operated pump cart. This cart was designed to meet the demanding requirements of handling chemicals and maintaining sanitary conditions. To achieve this, we equipped the cart with a Graco Saniforce Pump, known for its FDA-approved components and user-friendly cleaning design. The pump comes in four different sizes, offering a flow range from 1 to 150 gallons per minute (GPM). Mounted on a four-wheel stainless-steel cart, this system offers portability and flexibility, eliminating the need for multiple pumps and systems while ensuring efficient operation in various locations.


At Don Johns, we excel in tackling unconventional challenges. With over 60 years of expertise, we possess the knowledge and skilled professionals to deliver customized solutions that fit your unique needs and processes. If you’re curious about what we can accomplish for you, simply click the link below to explore our capabilities.