Optimizing Concrete Admixture Manufacturing: A Success Story with Don Johns, Inc.

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, efficiency is key to success. When a company in the production of concrete admixtures faced challenges in batching raw materials and loading finished products, they sought the expertise of Don Johns, Inc. This collaboration spanned five different plant locations across the United States, showcasing the company’s commitment to delivering reliable solutions.

Selecting the Right Equipment: A Strategic Approach

Don Johns, Inc. undertook a meticulous approach in addressing the unique needs of the client. Applications engineering personnel worked closely with both corporate and plant engineering contacts to identify equipment that would not only meet the demanding requirements but also ensure seamless installation and commissioning.

The Precision of Krohne Flow Meters

Krohne flow meters were the natural choice for their proven track record of reliability and accuracy. The decision to use magnetic flow meters for certain applications and Coriolis mass flow meters for less conductive products underscored the commitment to precision. The advantageous lead times and robust factory support further solidified Krohne’s role in the solution.

Unibloc Pumps: A Stainless Steel Solution

The necessity for stainless steel, positive displacement pumps led to the selection of Unibloc Pumps. Renowned for their quality and commitment to customer satisfaction, Unibloc’s 2-inch and 3-inch ANSI flanged, 316L SS lobe pump base mounted units played a crucial role in the success of the projects. The incorporation of Radicon gear boxes and ABB Baldor motors complemented the pump packages, ensuring a comprehensive solution.

Supertrol 1Flow Computer By Kessler-Elis Products

For batch control functions, Don Johns, Inc. turned to Kessler-Ellis Products Supertrol 1 flow computers. These units were chosen for their advanced control features, setting them apart from other batch controllers. The integration of these flow computers added a layer of sophistication to the overall system.

Comprehensive Solutions From Don Johns

Don Johns, Inc. not only supplied the equipment but also took charge of assembling, wiring, and testing actuated batch control valves for each application. The scope of their involvement included providing Unibloc 316L SS lobe pump base units, Krohne mass flow and magnetic flow meters (along with meter programming and configuration), wiring and programming of KEP batch control enclosures, actuated batch control valves, wiring connection diagrams for electricians, and start-up assistance.

Your Partner to Success: Contact Us!

As the concrete admixture manufacturing landscape evolves, partnering with an industry expert is essential. Don Johns, Inc. invites companies with Chemical Batch Control or Dispensing needs to leverage their years of experience. By choosing Don Johns, Inc., you are not only selecting the right equipment for the job but also ensuring that everything works seamlessly to keep your plant running efficiently.

In conclusion, the success story of this collaboration stands as a testament to the meticulous approach, strategic equipment selection, and comprehensive solutions provided by Don Johns, Inc. For companies looking to optimize their manufacturing processes, the path to success begins with the right partner.