Revolutionizing Batch Processing: Unveiling Our Auto-Sequence Batching System

The Project

Our latest innovation responds to a customer request for an automatic Auto-Sequence Batching System, primed to batch alcohol and water into a vast storage tank with precision and efficiency. The system’s key requirement is to batch each ingredient separately, with the added flexibility of sourcing alcohol from two distinct tanks.

Don Johns Engineering Solution

Our Don Johns Engineering (DJE) Custom Control Panel stands as the epitome of user-friendliness and adaptability. Unlike standard off-the-shelf solutions, our PLC/HMI based system offers unmatched control and monitoring capabilities, ensuring optimal performance.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Operator Interface: Our Control Panel allows operators to input presets, select the alcohol source tank, and initiate batching effortlessly.
  • Customizable Sequencing: Operators can easily adjust the sequence of ingredients, facilitating streamlined operation.
  • Advanced Monitoring: Our system incorporates comprehensive status monitoring and descriptive alarms, empowering operators to troubleshoot and address issues promptly.
  • Manual Override: Operators have the flexibility to manually operate equipment or run the system under supervision if needed.
  • Easy Upgrades: With a PLC/HMI based solution, future modifications and upgrades are seamless and cost-effective.

Benefits of Don Johns Engineering Solution:

  • Functional Description Document: Detailed scope of work and system functionality.
  • CAD Drawings: Comprehensive electrical schematics and field wiring diagrams.
  • Fully-documented PLC Code: Clear logic explanations for easy understanding.
  • Operator Display Screens: Intuitive HMI screens for seamless monitoring and control.
  • Simulation PLC Logic: Ensuring functional testing prior to deployment.
  • Start-up Services: On-site support for successful system deployment.


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