Crafting a Tailored Solution: Mobile Pump Skid


In the dynamic world of manufacturing, challenges often arise that demand innovative solutions. We worked wit a trusted chemical manufacturing partner, to embarked on a journey tackling their unique challenge: develop a versatile pump skid that could seamlessly serve both truck fleets and internal operations. The biggest pain points they wanted to address was – streamline tasks, cut down on inventory needs, and ensure easy, safe mobility of the skid.

The Solution

Don Johns Custom Fork Lift Pump Skid

Our team designed a custom system, tailored to precisely meet our client’s unique requirements. Our solution was is comprised of a dual shaft Blackmer truck pump, integrated with a free-standing gearbox, two couplings, and shield installations. This combination ensures not only optimal performance for both internal needs and their truck fleets, but also durable in demanding operational conditions.

Pump Skid On The Go!

Recognizing how important it was to our client for this skid to be easily and safely be moved from place to place. We incorporated a feature that would make relocation a breeze. Our team incorporated two lift pockets on the bottom of the skid, allowing a forklift to pick up the skid and move it around with ease! Not only does with help with mobility, but tour client can now leverage the downtime that it would take to move this skid to other needs around their plant.


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