TopWorx DXS

TopWorx DXS Series discrete valve controller, designed for robust performance, come with a comprehensive range of certifications to ensure worldwide compatibility. This discrete valve controller is IECEx, ATEX, and UL certified, all consolidated into a single model. This streamlined certification approach simplifies standardization for global customers across multiple plants in various world areas. Additionally, TopWorx offers other certifications, including NEPSI, KOSHA, InMetro, and EAC, to meet specific regional requirements.

The DXS Series discrete valve controllers are engineered to excel in challenging plant conditions. Their heavy-duty construction and corrosion-resistant design make them exceptionally resilient, guaranteeing superior performance even in the most demanding applications. These controllers are a reliable choice for those seeking durability and reliability in their valve control solutions.

  • Bus Networking: FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Profibus,
    DeviceNet, AS-Interface, HART
  • Temperature Range: -76° to 176°F
  • GO Switch Compatibility
  • Flameproof & Explosion Proof enclosure