TopWorx TVL

Looking for the perfect discrete valve controller solution that’s compact, rugged, and dependable? TVL Series discrete valve controllers offer precisely that and more. Whether you need discrete valve control or valve position monitoring in applications where weight and real estate are at a premium, our products deliver unmatched performance.

TVL discrete valve controllers are designed with light weight and robust enclosures, specially crafted to meet the demands of non-incendive, intrinsically safe, and general-purpose applications. These enclosures are engineered to withstand heavy washdowns and corrosive environments, and they’ve been rigorously IP66/68 tested for durability and reliability.

When it comes to discrete valve controllers, we’ve got you covered with our compact, rugged, and dependable solutions. Explore our range of products today to find the perfect fit for your valve control and monitoring needs.

  • Temperature Range: -58°F to 185°F
  • Customizable visual display
  • Aluminum, Stainless or Aluminum base
    with clear polycarbonate options
  • Pre-adjusted to 90° for easy
  • GO Switch Compatibility