Azbil MagneW 3000 PLUS+ Series

With the Azbil MagneW 300 Plus+ Series electromagnetic flowmeter you will realize an enhanced product lifespan, including one-touch sensor view settings and a mirrored finish to help protect equipment from environmental exposure hazards. In addition, with the stainless steel construction and protective line detector materials, equipment can handle higher temperatures and pressure capabilities. Common industrial applications for the Azbil MagneW 300 Plus+ Series flowmeters include paper, petroleum, food & beverage, utility and chemical uses.

  • Sizes from 0.1″ to 44″ diameter, or 2.5 mm to 1100 mm
  • Integral and remote units
  • Compatible with HART and DE standards
  • Flange, wafer or sanitary connections
  • Backlit LCD screen showing three unique values (percent, actual and total flow rate)