The OPTISWIRL 4200, a cutting-edge Vortex flowmeter, boasts an integrated temperature sensor to enhance its functionality. This Vortex meter is meticulously designed for precision flow measurement across a diverse range of mediums, including liquids, dry or humid gases, and both saturated and superheated steam. It excels in supply processes (auxiliary service) and distribution networks. Moreover, it stands out as an optimal choice for advanced energy management systems, aligning seamlessly with ISO 50001 standards. Notably, this device can be configured to provide integrated gross and net heat measurement for steam and condensate applications, further enhancing its versatility. For gas and steam measurements under varying process conditions, the Vortex meter can be equipped with an optional integrated pressure sensor, making it a robust solution for a wide array of applications.

  • Flange or space-saving sandwich (wafer) version (up to DN100 / 4″)
  • Compact all-in-one device for varying process conditions
  • Integrated gross and net heat calculation for steam and hot water
  • Approx. 45% less installation costs compared to Vortex meter with external T and P sensors plus calculator
  • Advanced technology for signal filtering (AVFD Advanced Vortex Frequency Detection)