Application Bulletin: Spring Return Actuators for Tunnel Ventilation System


SURE 100

Tunnel ventilation dampers are crucial in enclosed tunnels, parking areas, and transit systems with long tunnels. They help maintain clean air and proper temperatures by enhancing natural airflow from moving trains. These dampers also have a vital role during emergencies, like fires. In this Application Bulletin, we will go over how the dampers work in cases of emergency, and how Dresser’s RCS SURE Power Series can help.

How It Works

In emergencies, like fires, one damper closes while another one opens. This lets us clear smoke and heat or bring in fresh air, depending on where the train is stuck and where the fire is. The dampers at the other end of the stalled train open to get rid of smoke. When these dampers are connected to the tunnel system and the central automation, they act like important helpers in the subway tunnels. They use electric or pneumatic power to work. Since they control smoke during fires, they need to work in high temperatures. They also have a safety feature that puts them in a safe position if power is lost. So, it’s crucial to have the right actuators in order for the system to properly function

The SURE Solution


The RCS SurePower Series actuator from Dresser is exceptionally well-suited for this particular application. Among its range are models capable of efficiently managing temperatures up to 482°F even without requiring a thermal blanket. These actuators stand as an optimal choice for ventilation systems, leveraging advanced heat-resistant components and rapid on/off speeds to enhance performance.


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