The OPTIMASS 1400 stands as an economical twin straight tube Coriolis mass flowmeter, perfectly suited for an extensive array of standard applications involving gases and liquids, boasting the capacity to measure flow rates of up to 170,000 kg/h or 6,235 lb/min. What sets this flowmeter apart is its incorporation of Entrained Gas Management (EGMTM), making it an exceptional choice for liquid applications by ensuring uninterrupted operation, even in the presence of entrained gas levels reaching up to 100%. For reliable mass flow measurement solutions, OPTIMASS 1400 excels in performance and precision.

  • Twin straight tube design
  • Fast and completely digital signal processing
  • Extensive sensor and process diagnostics (incl. NE 107)
  • No crosstalk: resistant to installation and process effects
  • Device commissioning, verification, diagnostics and monitoring via a secure wireless Bluetooth® connection (<20 m / 65.6 ft)