The OPTIMASS 2400, a leading Coriolis mass flowmeter for liquids and gases, boasts the world’s highest capacity. Its twin or four straight tube design makes this Coriolis meter an excellent choice for bunkering operations and custody transfer or fiscal metering in the oil and gas industry. It’s also a versatile option for various bulk mass applications, including syrup, molasses, or raw chemicals, handling up to an impressive 4,600 t/h (169,000 lb/min). Notably, the Coriolis meter comes equipped with Entrained Gas Management (EGMTM) for liquid applications, ensuring consistent performance across a wide range of gas fractions and complex flow conditions.

  • Twin or four straight tube design
  • High accuracy mass, density and volume flow measurement (±0.1% of MV / optional ±0.05% of MV)
  • No crosstalk: resistant to installation and process effects
  • On-site verification of flowmeter with OPTICHECK service tool
  • Device commissioning, verification, diagnostics and monitoring via a secure wireless Bluetooth® connection (<20 m / 65.6 ft)